Instagram in e-Marketing Trend

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This week we are going to discuss the new emerging e-Marketing trend, Instagram. Facebook and Twitter have been the leaders of social networks and popular mobile apps for years. However, the discovery of photo sharing program “Instagram” has suppressed the download rate of the previous mobile apps according to report from Distimo. The major reason […]

Benchmark Viral Success

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There are many analytics tools included benchmarking function such as Twitalyzer, Twitter Grader, Klout, etc. They are always benchmark or grade your twitter account which compare with best practice in the same industry or similar process in other industry. Many users doubted that the accuracy of the result so we need to know what kind […]

Weibo Data Analytics

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Looks like Sina Weibo (China Twitter) taking their first step into data analytics. Weibo announced yesterday – 15th June 2011. So where is Twitter data platform? As most of us have been waiting for Twitter to open it up, let us take a look at Sina Weibo Data. First of all, it summerise your […]

Twitalyzer – measuring your twitter account

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media channel, most of people subscribe twitter are business professionals in Hong Kong, they are not only used for friends finding and update friends’ current situation, but also a business communication channel. To increase the business opportunities in twitter, we could use Twitalyzer which is social media […]

twendz pro by Waggener Edstrom

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As social media became one of the most important channel for many companies, the question started by what platform should be use and leverage? Should it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkIn or everything available? In Hong Kong, there are many big shopping malls like Langham & HarbourCity, international brand such as Sony, Samsung have their own […]