Baidu TongJi is better than Google Analytics?

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In 2011, as like as Google Analytics, Baidu TongJi has made a lot of major improvements on its interface, functionality and report. Being one of the famous analytics tool specifically focus on Mainland China, many entry-level analytics administrators adopt Baidu TongJi. When you first look at the Baidu TongJi, you should found its familiar to [...]

Why? What ways to do Segmentation?

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Always, analysis and reporting happens at an aggregate level, it is hard to see what’s important or critical to your particular business.  The reality is different types of visitors come to a website and all of them have different intention and personas. Absolutely segmentation is the most important thing in analytics, that’s what I always [...]

Website with Effective SEO

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Search engine optimization, call SEO, is more and more popular in the world. The first step to lead a success and effective SEO, we need an analytics tool to collect the analytic data. Then, web master tool can for further study and designing strategy. Lastly, go back to analytics tool to compare the data of [...]