Guang Zhou Web Analytics Wednesday

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I have been looking forward to another Web Analytics Wednesday event to be hold in southern part of China. Thanks Peter Pan who host the first Guang Zhou Web Analytics Wednesday on the 28th May, 2011. This certainly a big step and looking forward to hear more about the next and upcoming events. Great job […]

Web Analytics Summit 2010 – Post Event

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Thanks everyone who came and support the 1st Web Analytics Summit in the Asia Pacific Region last Friday 26th November 2010. Hope everyone enjoy it and looking forward to see you all again at Web Analytics Wednesday that happen every month. There are over 60 people who joined us and congratulation to the lucky winners […]

Web Analytics Summit 2010

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.tabletext { font-family: Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; } Having trouble catching up with the technology? Want to make the right business decision and manage risk? Understand your customer and open up new revenue source? Identify opportunities to save cost? Transforming from the traditional business model into a data driven model is challenging, as many leaders are […]

Web Analytics Market in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is very behind in terms of the web analytic, not only the awareness, the knowledge and the usage. After observing the Hong Kong markets for 1 year, common mis-understanding people have about Web Analytics is either think it is Search Engine Optimisation or simply install Google Analytics. Certainly there are some local Web […]

4th Web Analytics Wednesday – Post Event

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What another night with a room pack with people who want to know about Web Analytics! Thanks for CY Yeung from Inetasia Solutions Limited came and spoke to us about Optimising online business as well as showing some of the cool WebTrends features. In additional, I would like to thanks Anna Maria Virzi from Clickz […]