Check Out the New Facebook insight!

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Facebook Insight is a platform for Facebook admins to track their page’s activities. However, rather than using Facebook Insight, we usually choose others to track Facebook data as we always doubt that Facebook insight cannot provide all-rounded analytics. In view of this, developing team keeps improving it to solve the problems and to restore customer [...]

KPIs for SEO & PPC

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There is always rivalry between Search engine optimization (SEO) vs pay per click (PPC) that which one is better for digital marketing world. Actually these two tools have different objectives and functions and they are responsible for different division in online marketing. And both of them have key performance index (KPIs) to determinate it success [...]

New Google Analytics Qualified Individual Test

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In 2011, Google Analytics Team keeps busy with promoting their analytics service, a premium version apart from free, real-time report available as well as a string of amendments have made to the Google Analytics Report. Now coming to the end of 2011, before the Christmas bell ring, who is preparing Google Analytics – Qualified Individual test [...]

2012 Trend for Social Media

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Guess what activity that young women will do when they wake up? Check Facebook! How companies today plan their marketing strategies? 90% contains social media. By reading so many studies highlighting ever-growing usage rate on social media, social media becomes inevitable part of our life. Any oversaturation? Yes, in 2011 most people would notice they [...]

Check Out the Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics

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Beforehand, please turn your Google Analytics interface into new version 5.  Otherwise you don’t know where to start with. Multi-Channel Funnels are newly introduced to help analysing the conversion path details for GA users. The reports show how your traffic sources work together to complete sales and user-defined goal conversion. In Analytics, transaction and conversions are credited [...]