New Google Analytics Qualified Individual Test

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In 2011, Google Analytics Team keeps busy with promoting their analytics service, a premium version apart from free, real-time report available as well as a string of amendments have made to the Google Analytics Report. Now coming to the end of 2011, before the Christmas bell ring, who is preparing Google Analytics – Qualified Individual test […]

Limitations of Google Analytics

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Yesterday, Google Analytics team also announced the enhancement on mobile apps tracking as following, EasyTracking Library – automatic session management, better integration with Google Analytics SDK Updated Google Analytics SDK – More reliable method for sending hits, Android Market referral issue fixed, available via the Android SDK manager More samples – new open source application […]

Benchmark Viral Success

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There are many analytics tools included benchmarking function such as Twitalyzer, Twitter Grader, Klout, etc. They are always benchmark or grade your twitter account which compare with best practice in the same industry or similar process in other industry. Many users doubted that the accuracy of the result so we need to know what kind […]

Using Web Analytics for Cost Saving?

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Many company leverage data for Sales and Marketing, but not many of them looking at using these data for cost saving. There is a very fine line to interpute the data to decide it is whether that is a revenue or cost saving. While trying to look at the data from the cost saving perspectives, […]