28th Web Analytics Wednesday

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Welcome back everyone! This month we are delighted to share a case study on how to leverage A/B Testing to create a data driven mobile campaign. As marketers struggle to enhance the conversion of digital site while curtailing budgets, let’s see how A/B Testing can bring the value to your business. Real life retail case [...]

Research: Email Marketing Insights to Engage Subscribers

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Email marketing probably sounds traditional and mature to experienced e-marketers. In fact, email marketing has altered significantly in recent years. Although open rates, click through rates and bounce rate were typical metrics to measure the performance of e-Newsletter campaigns in previous, these become less valuable from management perspectives nowadays according to a research conducted by [...]

Tips to Enhance Conversion of Email Campaign

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Early September is approaching, are you frustrated in designing the monthly e-newsletter this week? Did previous email campaign perform well? If not the case, below offer some tips to improve the conversion of upcoming e-newsletter or email campaigns. Tip 1: Customizing Subject Line Relatively high bounce rate and low visits of an email campaign are [...]

Google Analytics – Content Experiments

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Finally Google is merging Google Web Optimizer with Google Analytics. This is a big move by Google by simplifing the Optimisation tools into one single platform. Till now, Google have already combine a few own platform and introduce new features and it is clear that Google is moving towards to a much better platform for [...]

Digital Analytics – Not Just Reporting

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Many small and medium business or even big corporate are making use of Google Analytics but they are just stopped at data reporting rather picking plausible explanations and actionable recommendation. Although many tools are free, do you really understand its value to your business? The reason may be their web vendors only provide limited data [...]