27th Web Analytics Wednesday

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Event Cancel: 27th Web Analytics Wednesday Web Analytics Wednesday #27 will be cancelled on this Wednesday (Dec 5) due to business engagement. New date for the event will be announced later. We apologize to disappoint you! This month we are delighted to share a case study on how to leverage A/B Testing to create a [...]

Increase Lifetime Value with Email Remarketing Strategy

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To analyze e-business, customer lifetime value (LTV) is the essential metric. By increasing average customer LTV, resulted superior revenue from current customers. Email remarketing strategies are the focus this week to motivate target customers in spending more than usual in advance to increase LTV. Product Lifecycle Email Campaign Taking product lifecycle (PLC) as advantage is [...]

Hints To Increase WebSite Opt-In Rates

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In routine, it’s difficult for marketers to convince people to opt-in any services unless the offers are right for the audiences. Although the website has high traffics, relatively low opt-in rate is resulted. Do you know the reasons behind the curtain? Let’s us provide some hints to help website owners to enhance the opt-in rate. [...]

Failure QR Code Marketing Case Study

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Whenever e-Marketers planning a digital marketing campaign, QR Code is naturally appeared within the marketing communication proposal due to the features of costless. Though QR Code is valuable and effective to generate conversions, abusive in leveraging them in mobile marketing campaigns result in negative way. Generally, marketers nowadays have the common mistakes in without considering [...]

Mobile Trend Leads High Bounce Rate

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Does your website has high bounce rate? If your answer is yes, then you have come to a right place. Here will introduce several tips to tackle the problem of continuing having high bounce rate no matter in blogs or company website. Besides, there is a phenomenon of mobile trend in recent years, however, only [...]