Beijing Web Analytics Wednesday

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北京网站分析星期三 本周交流主题:Google Analytics报告设置与分析工具使用,大致课程内容如下: GA报告组成及介绍 网站目标与漏斗 过滤器与高级群体 自定义报告的应用 特殊需求的实现 本周交流内容侧重于工具的高级应用,有兴趣或正在使用GA的同学,欢迎大家提前报名。 本期课程共分四期,计划安排如下: 12-01 Google Analytics整体数据指标选择与数据分析方法 12-08 Google Analytics数据采集与配置使用 12-15 Google Analytics报告设置与分析工具使用 12-29 Google Analytics数据呈现、API使用及数据扩展 12-22 WAW聚会(待定) 培训时间: 2010年12月15日 (星期三) 晚18:00 – 20:00 培训地点: 海淀区中关村南大街3号海淀资本中心(原海淀科技大厦)5层 第一教室 培训费用: 50元/人 (培训教材每本50元,大家自愿购买) 联系电话: 15010253052 报名联系人: 穆彬 友情提示: 请携带名片 公交路线: 特4路、特6路、26路、运通105线、运通106线、320区、 320路、651路、653路、716路、717路、689路、808路、814路、827路等中国农业科学院站下车。 地铁路线: 四号线到魏公村站A出口,往北200米路西海淀资本中心。

8th Web Analytics Wednesday

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This will be our last Web Analytics Wednesday of the year. Many thanks for everyone support and looking forward to meet everyone before the holiday. We will be covering this time is to find out how to track media offline, certainly there are many way to do so. Especially how we can leverage the current […]

Web Analytics Summit 2010 – Post Event

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Thanks everyone who came and support the 1st Web Analytics Summit in the Asia Pacific Region last Friday 26th November 2010. Hope everyone enjoy it and looking forward to see you all again at Web Analytics Wednesday that happen every month. There are over 60 people who joined us and congratulation to the lucky winners […]

How to track offline media?

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Many business is looking for a method to track user behavior offline. This is a great question as this is certainly a challenge for many business. One solution that can be leverage is using a mobile device. While more people in Hong Kong is using a smartphone, no matter it is an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry, one […]