Providing a platform to share and discuss the new digital era. No matter who you are or how you relate to the web. By applying web / data driven analysis will open up a new dimension and approach compare to the traditional methodologies.

About Me

The Reasons…
After I came back to Hong Kong (after my long adventure in China), I have been in touch with many companies and found that many of them are using or implementing web analytics but not to the depth that I expected. Therefore, this encourages me to start this blog and Hong Kong Web Analaytics Wednesday.

Currently, I am working for as a Senior Manager for Product & Site Optimisation for Asia Pacific in Hong Kong. Before that, I had spent a few months with Omniture (now part of Adobe) as an Implementation & Business Consultant as well as Account Manager for Greater China & South East Asia.

I specialize in Web Analysis, User Experience, Competitive Analysis, Web Production Outsourcing, Business Operation, Solution Architect, Account Management.

More  Background…
Born in Hong Kong and moved to Sydney Australia in 1992 with my family. I started using internet back in 1994 when it was still the era of 14.4k Modem, HTML 1.0, Netscape 1.0, no fancy sites but pure text  (not sure if there were any GIF animation back then but now Flash are everywhere). My first personal website (with Geocities now Yahoo!) was developed back in 1996. Totally self taught and hacking other people’s website (viewing the source). Back in the old days, it was still an interest more of a profession.

I majored in Visual Art and Design & Technology back in high school. Built a school website as my major project back in 1998 when it was still considered as high-tech. As you can see how web integrated I was already, but I still wanted to pursue my career in Graphic Design more than anything else at that time. Due to some strange reasons, I wasn’t able to get myself into Visual Communication to become a Graphic Designer at that point of time, so I started working part-time in an agency as a Graphic Designer (Web Designer) during my first year of university.

As the internet started booming in 1999, I had established my own company (Mania Design) mainly set up websites for local companies in Sydney. I also planned to start off some social communities web sites (which could become something like Facebook now), but with the technology at that time (also funding) I didn’t continue. So, with a little success (thanks for the dot-com bubble), I decided to close my business and gain more experience in the real world. I joined one of the German based software company, Brokat as a Graphic Designer in 2000. Although my main role was to help the company to produce marketing materials & arrange marketing events, I was also involved in one of the major online banking application. I got pulled into a development team on user interface design, optimising HTML to improve the speed, compatibility for different operation system and browser (when Microsoft Internet Explorer fighting very hard with Netscape). So I could not really escape from the web again.

Due to the bust of the dot-com bubble, Brokat declared bankruptcy in 2001 (refer to Wikipedia), I was lucky enough to get an offer from IBM as a Web Developer  in 2002. During my stay with IBM Australia, I developed myself into a more technical role. Still trying to be creative so that I can consider as a Web “Designer” rather than “Developer”. After gaining experience working with different region, becoming the expert of SSI, JavaScript and self taught JSP (one of the major migration for e-commerce platform when Lenovo still IBM), I decide to leave Sydney and back to Hong Kong in mid 2004.

Lucky enough (again!), I found myself a job in a sister company of china dot come call Pacific Connection (previously Ion Global and now wwwins Consulting)  as a Senior Web Designer. I was quickly pulled into a web development project and quickly self taught again for .NET and XML ( always handy just like reading dummies 101). Surprising enough my previous manager back in IBM Australia went to Dalian China (don’t think anyone know where that is back in 2004) and planning to setup an off-shore operation. I was (lucky x3 this time round) invited to rejoin IBM China to lead the web production team in Dalian.

After many days & nights, I decided to take the challenge, even though I don’t know where Dalian is and never been to China apart from a short family visit back in 1991. So after 4 months in Hong Kong, I packed my bag again and start my adventure in China in such a short period of time. So arrived in Dalian, back to IBM after a short departure, I was appointed to be the Project Manager for the off-shore web production team. The team started of with 13 people and slowly it grow bigger and bigger. At the end of 2005 the team already expanded to 48 people and supporting not only web production but also B2B development work. That year, I also became a people manager.

The hyper growth came in 2006 due to a global migration that need 40 additional resources from China. The team was quickly expanded to about 80 people and my role started to become more Global. At the end of 2006, I was appointed as the Manager, Global Web Production Services in IBM. Early 2007, IBM was engaged with one of the global electronic retailer to discuss an outsourcing opportunity. I was invited as one of the many subject matter expert from to provide advise to the consulting team on the offering. After months of effort, IBM finally got the contract, the only challenge is to hire 150 people within 1 month. I was quickly appointed to setup the operation in Dalian and finally did hire all the require resources within that 1 month period.

After all the hard work and challenges that I had (managing an operation with 250 people), I decide to move out from and focus in outsourcing engagement. With the success of the first contact, early 2008 I was appointed as the Global Strategy & Solution Manager and successfully won another outsourcing contract with a major mobile manufacture company. With all these exciting actions happening, early 2009 I decide to end my 7 years with IBM as well as my 5 years of adventure in Dalian China and back to Hong Kong.

I didn’t expect I end up writing so much about myself, but I am sure now everyone know more about me!