Measure Site Engagement – Micro Conversions You can Track

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There are some sites that having just 1 – 2 macro conversions, such as e-commerce, lead enquiry form, advertisement click through and etc. Therefore, having a good micro conversion tracking is essential in understanding how the visitors engage with the site.

You can have an clear explanation on Google Analytic Help Center,  with 4 micro conversions including email-sign up, created account, Browsed site extensively and PDF download.

Below are some more micro conversions you may want to track:

Remarks: You can track most of the micro conversions by using event tracking or goal destination.  Try to get an idea if you are not sure about the 2 tracking methods.
  1.  User Rating or Comments – Users may comment or give rates to some articles or imagesUser Rating
  2. Deeper Information Clicking – Some of the content may hide from a snippets / summary that require users to click for more information
  3. Social Share Buttons – Have your visitors share your content / articles to their social media network like Facebook and Twitter?

    Social Media Sharing
  4. Watch the Videos – Videos usually attract users to watch, have your visitors watched the video or click to go to 3rd party site (Youtube) 
    watch video
  5. Connect to the Content Author – Visitors may follow you on Google Plus or Twitter after viewing your articles
    connect to kenneth kwok
  6. Subscribe to Content – Have user subscribe to email or RSS feed?
    rss subscribe

The micro-conversions can be varies from industries sectors, needs and site structure. You should be able to find more unique micro-conversions that suits your site most.

Remember, each page on your site should serve a purpose or have a goal. There must be at least one thing you want this page to achieve. Improving each page to more effectively reach the stated goal, brings you closer to having all the pieces in place to bake a great cookie-or website!


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