How to measure the online impact of your offline campaign

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Many business have both online and offline marketing strategy, and sometimes there are campaigns that combine online and offline activities aiming at bringing offline users to online or the other way round.

The most common ways of tracking offline campaign are using Tagged URLs

It is mostly seen in print advertising, outdoor advertising or promotion brochures. To know whether people who saw the advertising have further action toward the digital world, a campaign specified URL will be used and redirect users to another URL with parameter.

For instance, there are a charity group having DRTV campaign shown and they wants to drive users from TV to their official website.


You can see that there is a URL shown in the right corner. When you type in this URL, you will be redirected to another tagged URL below

The highlighted parameter allows the analytic tool to get those parameters and identify users who came from the offline campaigns.

For further information, you can look at campaign tracking

Technology to drive offline to online

There are many other innovative ways to connect offline campaign to your online property such as QR code and Touch-code.

You should have heard or used QR code before, while touchcode is an invisible electronic code printed on paper, cardboard, film or labels. Just put the product on the display of your smartphone/tablet/multitouch device and you can read the data.


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