Wechat Tracking and Web Analytics

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New emerging social media platform – WeChat shows a giant growth by acquiring 100 million registered users, especially in Southeast Asian countries since the beta launched in August 2011. Company in food and beverages industry as McDonald’s, global retail brand includes Nike have already leveraging WeChat for commencing digital campaigns. In advance, brands continue to establish a CRM system by taking WeChat advantage to have one – one communication with an individual customer. However, here is question if campaign performance can be evaluated by modern web analytical tool (e.g. Google Analytics), that’s a critical challenge for e-Marketers!

WeChat Web Analytics

WeChat Web Analytics

To briefly introduce the function of WeChat, it’s similar to social app likes Whatsapp or Viber with the position of “The New Way To Connect”, having an instant text and audio messaging, able to share photo among friends. However, location based friend finder and unique QR Code to connect friends are the highlights. Shaking the mobile and users can find new friends easily. Although the app is originated in China, Russian, Indian, Vietnams, Thai, Malaysian, etc can freely download WeChat and compatible with their languages. Thus, that’s an opportunity for Tencent to expand its presence internationally.

WeChat QR Code Tracking

WeChat QR Code Tracking

Although WeChat is quite novel in digital marketing, analytical methodologies to tackle the measurement issues is necessary. Marketers most often would advertise in outdoor attached with WeChat QR Code can only drive subscriptions while data and path analysis couldn’t be tracked and implemented. Then, what should be the solutions?

Firstly, marketers can attach a tagged URL during in-app browsing, visitors behaviors in WeChat can then be tracked whenever they click it to direct to another page, from WeChat to business website for instance. Similar to previous action in URL Builder, marketers can replace the medium and source as mobile and WeChat respectively.

Secondly, by generating a QR Code embedded a tag and html to open the WeChat app directly after scanning, audience can view the advertised messages such as discounts afterwards. Representatives from company can communicate with the customers directly once they opt in to subscribe afterwards. In terms of tracking in Google Analytics, there will be an indication showing users are referred from that specific QR Code.

Hope the sharing this week helps you in tackling the analytics in WeChat. To know more about digital analytics, please keep in touch with us.

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