Facebook Posting Tricks for Business

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Engaging facebook fans is believed as the ultimate goal whenever launching a post. Receiving great response from fans no matter “Likes”, “Share” and to leave “Comments” indicates the successful of the posting messages. However, although the tag line or the multimedia stuff of the post sounds attention-grabbing while resulted as low engagement rate, that’s may probably related to the timing. Believing that numerous e-Marketers have the same concerns on the most productive time to share things on facebook. Recently, there are some findings to deal with your issues, let’s learn the tricks now!

With reference to Hubspot’s Dan Zarella, the optimistic sharing time on Facebook should be on Saturday noon (Eastern Time) and at 7pm (Eastern Time), which is midnight 12am and 7am in the morning in Hong Kong time zone respectively. However, different industries have various ideals posting time. For example, retail industries have the highest engagement on Sundays and the lowest on Fridays whereas business and finance industries get their peak around midweek. If marketers plan to grab fans attention through posting major news such as announcing promotional message, they are suggested to do so between 11am and 4pm because audiences have the behaviors to login facebook before, during and after lunch or tea.

Facebook Engagement

Facebook Engagement

Besides, to enhance the likelihood of the post stands at the top of feeds, words such as “Limited Time”, “Today” and “Exclusive” help drawing audiences’ attentions. Moreover, try to tag people (Up to 30) whenever images or videos are posted, especially post related to public figure, this raises people awareness to leave comments and even share the word-of-mouth in the social media channels. Last but not the least, e-Marketers are advised to launch one to two posts in maximum per day in order to retain the engagement level while not classified as spamming from fans’ perspectives.

To measure the effectiveness of post in driving engagement and in advanced to increase number of fans; social media analytics tools such as SocialBakers and PageLever are useful by comparing the impressions and engagement.

Impression and Engagement

Impression and Engagement

Remember there are “no single size fits” all business industries, marketers are recommended to do homework by testing different posting periods in order to work out the ideal posting period for your own brand and business. Hope this week sharing gives you a thoughtful insights.

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