Social Media Week: Strategies to Enhance Facebook Posts Effectiveness

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Have you stick together with the Social Media Week in Hong Kong to share the fascinating digital media news and insights with multinational experts? This week we analyze and discuss strategies to enhance the effectiveness of Facebook post.

Changing to Facebook timeline revitalizes the posting behavior to drive engagement of facebook users. An analysis with more than 18,000 Facebook Pages from the largest brands in global towards user engagement was conducted by Salesforce Buddy Media. Some insights are drawn from the report in which meaningful to e-marketers in posting to facebook wall.

First of all, keep the description tag line in short. With reference from the report, a post with 80 characters or less will receive 23% higher interaction in compared with a longer post. However, 75% of all posts from current global brands usually contain more than 80 characters, it thus negatively affecting the interaction. Of course, the engagement level is partly related to the attractiveness of the post description.

Facebook Tag Line Should Less than 80 Characters

Facebook Tag Line Should Less than 80 Characters

Next, attached the post with photos enhances its effectiveness in driving users interaction. That’s a good approach as the interaction rates 39% higher than average after switching to Facebook timeline. Although many people perceive that posting with video may even amplify the engagement, surprising that posts with links or videos drive fewer likes, comments and shares than average.

Third, discovering that facebook fans are more likely to leave comments, share and like the brand posts once they are being asked specifically in doing so. The interaction results will be ranged from 3 times to 7 times higher than without any call for action purposes.

There are more facebook tips to enhance the effectiveness of Facebook post, you may refer to the figure below. Last but not the least, regular posting pattern including timeframe and standard photo size are suggested according to our case studies. These give the fans that the sense of brand consistency and even adjust their facebook viewing behavior towards your brand.

Facebook Wall Posts Tips

Facebook Wall Posts Tips

Want to know more insights about social media channels in doing marketing, grab the opportunity to attend the social media week in Hong Kong and Shanghai in China. Hope the above updates give you an insight.

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