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This week we are going to discuss the new emerging e-Marketing trend, Instagram.

Facebook and Twitter have been the leaders of social networks and popular mobile apps for years. However, the discovery of photo sharing program “Instagram” has suppressed the download rate of the previous mobile apps according to report from Distimo. The major reason is that “Instagram” focuses on niche market by adopting blue ocean strategy while leveraging the scale of Facebook users to reach targeted consumers. Of course, the core idea of “Instagram” is not to replicate to become another Facebook.

Relative Download Facebook Figure in July 2012

Relative Download Facebook Figure in July 2012

The growth of Instagram is obviously tremendous, especially in Asian countries (See the Figure below). It’s surprising that Instagram comes after Facebook and becomes the second most popular social networking apps between July 2011 and June 2012. Let’s share the market share of Instagram in social network. Within a year, it’s increased by 17,319% in North America; 8,121% in Singapore; 2,028% in UK; 843% in New Zealand and 362% in Australia respectively.

Popular Social Networking Apps

Popular Social Networking Apps

From the figure above, it reflects the importance of Instagram in doing online marketing for the coming years. In fact, many international brands are now stepping into Instagram platform in establishing brand image as creative, artistic and share with the community. At the mean time, businesses can track and analyze the engagement level through using the “hash tag”.

Remember to keep yourself update to the latest e-Marketing trend so that you can leverage the updated social media channels to approach the targeted communities. Hope this week sharing help your business.

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