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Many people ask me about how to track Facebook and I always answer them back it is easy. It is only the time and effort you spend and weather you are lazy or not. So here is the tips and tricks on what you need to do to track you Facebook Content.

Tips 1
Don’t just paste your normal URL when you share content. You should either use Bit.ly or Google Analytics Marketing Tag to tag your content.

Original URL:

Google Analytics Tagged URL:
http://www.hongkongwebanalytics.com/?utm_source=facebook_wall&utm_medium=socialmedia&utm_content=Facebook_Content Analytics&utm_campaign=blog_post

Bit.ly Shorten URL

Tips 2
If you have a campaign site and want to know if people share and due to the share it bring people back to the site. Again you should program it so you know the traffic is due to a person share your content and drive people back to the site.

Original URL:

Google Analytics Tagged URL:
http://www.hongkongwebanalytics.com/?utm_source=blog_share&utm_medium=socialmedia&utm_content=Facebook_Content Analytics&utm_campaign=blog_post

Bit.ly Shorten URL:

Tips 3
Leverage the new Google Analytics Real Time Analytics to monitor your content or when you blast to the world. This is so fun to watch where the traffic coming in and after that you can use Multi-Channel Funnel to further analysis the result

Tips 4
Always use Shorten URL such as Bit.ly to reduce the length of the URL and as a back up channel to ensure you capture the number of clicks. Again number of click is not equal the visit as many people mistaken that the clicks is equal to visit.

So how this will look like? Here is an example of the result.

Google Analytics Facebook Content Tracking

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