New Google Analytics in 2012

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After several integrations and nudge, like Multi-Channel Funnel, Visitors Flow and Real-Time, what does Google Analytics become in 2012? You should have no doubt with the beauty of Google Analytics, if you are leveraging it properly, it definitely help your online business grow without spending dollar on chasing analytics tools. It may not be the perfect one but Google Analytics should be one of the analytics tools that you should in love with.

No Flash but not at all!

In 2012, New Google Analytics start breaking away from flash, you can try to browsing Google Analytics account with your iPhone and you will found graphs are now appeared as iframed SVG graphics. Since the number of mobile user increases day by day, Google enhanced the mobile experience. However, go into bubble chart, sorry, Google Analytics still flash based in this part. Inevitably, Google Analytics is going away from Flash and we are expected to see may be HTML 5 in the near future.

Dashboard Coping

You may found the work to replicate a customized report for different client or different internal departments from one defined custom dashboard was cumbersome in the past. Now Google Analytics makes your life easier as it allows sharing the dashboard. That means users can set up a dashboard in back end and serve different client by moving them to client’s report easily.




Improved Reports Load

Waiting for huge data to be loaded is always a pain and even worse if it didn’t show you how long it’s going to take. New Google Analytics resolved the problem by showing the loading status bar. Besides, when you navigate away in the past, you have to reset the report but now Google Analytics supports the cached report, which it caches on your computer as long as you have the Google Analytics interface open. 


New Look and Feel

The break down level of chart is now capable for hourly, which shows you clearly the time parting of visits. You can feel the usability team of Google wanted to bring more attention to the things that matter.  Just login your account and you will see a new color palette, score card and table data presented to you.


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