Digital Analytics – Not Just Reporting

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Many small and medium business or even big corporate are making use of Google Analytics but they are just stopped at data reporting rather picking plausible explanations and actionable recommendation. Although many tools are free, do you really understand its value to your business? The reason may be their web vendors only provide limited data reporting by capturing figures from dashboard. Do you really find its helpful or just a monthly task to keep an eye on your online performance?

Don’t stay happy with knowing only how much traffic a month, how low of bounce rate and how long of average time spent on site.  When you look at the analytics report, ignore how well or badly the business is doing. Focus on the approach taken. Here is one example;

Mobile Traffics;

You are seeing traffics from portable device increased day by day, it’s cool but you have to stay hungry. Look at the data and ask why the traffic from iPhone and Galaxy S2 was having a lower average time spent compare to traffic from using iPad. At this level you should question your website rather it is mobile ready, does it look proper in mobile? If not, ask your vendor to make sure mobile site is ok.

So, you see how to find the action item. Sweet analysis mandates a good understanding of business objectives, creation of the right custom reports, application of data segments and finally, most importantly, transform your interpretation into accessible and understandable format.  presentation of your insights and recommended action using the locally spoken language.

Tapping in the meanings behind data and sweet analytics is all about actionable item to optimize your business, if your business highly focuses on online channel, analytics should be a important area to think of. Simple data reporting didn’t help at all, but actionable data can cut your cost and maximize your effort. Hiring analysts is a way but you can also consider outsourcing data analysis to analytics consulting companies. They have expertise to see between data and transform their interpretation into accessible presentation of insights and recommendation action using the locally spoken language.


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