Check Out the Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics

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Beforehand, please turn your Google Analytics interface into new version 5.  Otherwise you don’t know where to start with. Multi-Channel Funnels are newly introduced to help analysing the conversion path details for GA users. The reports show how your traffic sources work together to complete sales and user-defined goal conversion.

In Analytics, transaction and conversions are credited to the last interaction such as campaign, search or affiliate leads the visitor to go under conversion. Multi-Channel Funnels let us to know what role did prior website referrals, organic search, paid search and Email Direct Marketing campaign play in the conversion as well as the time passed between the visitor’s initial interest and final deal.


Leveraging the report you will understand

  • How search phrases progress towards conversions.
  • How different traffic source’s role in driving conversions
  • Each individual interaction in you sales cycle (within 30 days)


The Multi-Channel Report contains

  1. Assisted Conversion

It shows how many sales and goal conversions each channel initiated, assisted and completed. The higher the number in Assisted Conversion and Last Interaction Conversions, the more important the assist role of the channel is. For Assisted/Last interaction Conversions, the ratio summarizes a channel’s overall influencing power. The value more close to 0 indicates the channel completed more sales and conversions that it assisted. Value close to 1 means the role of the channel more or less equal as it assisted. Then, the more the value exceeds 1? Do you know the answer? Yes! The more the channel is assisted.

  1. Top Conversion Path

It shows the top conversion paths, the sequence and how the go through different medium interaction to complete the conversion. See the graph below,

One customer comes from affliate site to email campaign and finally purchased with 604.5$ stuff after paid search referral. Interesting!!

  1. Time Lag & Path Length

It shows how many conversions resulted from how long the conversion paths took. So you get to know the length of your online sales cycle. Latter one shows how many conversions resulted from how many conversion path contained.


Segmentation is important, remember to customize the report in your own needs, like here you can drill down to each specific conversion. You can also create multiple conversion segments to compare side by side in reports. Cool!

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