What’re the online business goals? How can analytics tools help for achieve them? I am sure that many company’s manager and executive officers always ask that similar questions when they decide to sign the contract with digital analytics consulting firms. These are the reasonable concerns as the management level need to emphasize on cost and effect. To remove the doubts, the customer behavior reports can really help for improve or get some new ideas for online marketing.

The most obvious is the behavior reports which show the ratio of news and returning visits, the frequency and recency and the engagement reports. We can easily know that do your website have returning customers or how often are they visit your website. And there is statistics of their page views to determine the marketing strategy should apply to the whole sites or just a few pages of the site.

The second report is the site content reports in content that shows where the customers landing and where they exit from the website. The landing pages indicated the most popular page of the website or the page they can easiest get from the search engine. It may more effective to emphasize the promotion on that page rather the home page. And the exit pages show the stopping point of the website, we must find out the reason if most of the customers exit in that page. We should pop-out some message to keep staying or come back again.

And the third report is the in-page analytics report. It display your website with statistics on the clicks, it exactly shows which icon has the most clicks in your site. Moreover, it also shows that the percentage of customers clicks with horizontal distributions. If your website is long and need to scroll down for few time, do your customers willing to do this to get more information? If not, how can you shorten your page and you can decide to starting point to shorten by viewing the statistics.



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