Guang Zhou Web Analytics Wednesday

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I have been looking forward to another Web Analytics Wednesday event to be hold in southern part of China. Thanks Peter Pan who host the first Guang Zhou Web Analytics Wednesday on the 28th May, 2011. This certainly a big step and looking forward to hear more about the next and upcoming events. Great job Peter!

Although, Hong Kong and Beijing Web Analytics Wednesday are the major driver in the Greater China Region but we are so happy to have Guang Zhou joining us. Sidney Song who was one of the founder for the Beijing Web Analytics Wednesday had recently relocated to Shen Zhen and we are sure that he will get that going very soon. For Shanghai both myself and Sidney love to get that back into gear.

It was amazing that the first event attracted over 60 people attend and not only people from from Guang Zhou but also from Shen Zhen and as far as Shantou (5 hours by train).  Certainly, 2 hours for me to travel to Guang Zhou cannot compare.

The event started by Sidney Song who is one of the most famous analytic expert in China and he talk about how to choose the right analytic tool. Follow by Alex Wu, WebTrends Southern China Partner, to introduce different method to gain Web Analytics knowledge. Then I present on behalf of Web Analytics Association, Hong Kong Web Analytics Wednesday about all the action in Hong Kong as well as my Beehive Methodology. Then Cliff Wang, another good web analytics blogger share his learning in Web Analytics. Closing by Peter Pan who surprise us on Social Network Analytics, looking at different pattern of tipping point and how different social group behavior with different result.

For me, it is very impressive as there are so many people who willing to learn and share in China and I wish that Hong Kong can catch up with the growing speed in China. I am so look forward to the next event as for me it is another learning experience even though I live in China for 5 years before.

Here is the comment from Weibo if you can read Chinese and if you wish to follow all the speaker please feel free to do so!

@潘东青_peter 第一次广州的WA沙龙终于顺利完成。这次有宋星、蓝鲸领七剑从深圳奔来,Kenneth神雕侠侣从香港漂来,加上本地白云城主宇铭大师的坐镇,以及深广两地众多豪杰云集,更有一潮汕来的神行太保,实在过瘾。希望活动能坚持下去:)@网站分析在中国@蓝鲸碎碎念@香港网络数据分析@唔Ming

Here are some photos for the event.

Hope we will meet again! 5 Web Analytics Expert from Greater China!

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