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As per the last post, setting up Facebook Social Plugin can be simple if there is a technical team supporting the whole effort. Once it have been implemented, you will be able to collect the data. Now let’s look at the data that being collected.

Facebook Insight Overview

From the overview you will now able to find out the site engagement data which include Likes, Shares and Comments. Since many business want to know about the viral effect on social media, Facebook Insight will show the Total Impression number which include News Feed, Profile Wall and Page Wall. One thing to remember is that Impression does not mean user will read it or will react with your post or feed.

Facebook Insight Menu

The most important for business owner is how many people did react to this viral effect. Therefore, the most important is how many users lead back to the website from Facebook. So Referral traffic to site is the number to look at.

Facebook Like Insight

Since most of the site in Hong Kong leverages the Like button, so let us look at what details can be drill down further. On the left hand side, there is a menu which give more details include Like button CTR, Like story CTR, Like Story Feedback, Demographics & Popular Pages.

Facebook Insight Like Button

After looking at all these data, it seems to make a lot of sense but by comparing the Google Analytics data it is still very hard to identify the user who visit the website through the viral effect. In the case of this blog, there are 3 clicks via the Likes button and there are 27 visits via Facebook. So the question is that the 3 clicks equal click through and what actions did these 3 clicks did on the site.

Google Analytics Referring Site

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