Web Analytics or Digital Analytics?

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Recently there are a lot of discussions about the term of “Web Analytics” or “Digital Analytics”. What should we call ourself? Web Analyst/Digital Analyst? It is more like when Designer call themselves “Web Designer”. In Hong Kong there seems to be a mis-understanding of what Web Analyst or Web Analytics do. There are lots of company try to look for talent but wasn’t able to find good match, mostly people in the industry are coming from oversea rather than local talent.

Well, first of all Web Analytics is not equal to Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Marketing which a lot of agency trying to head hunt the wrong type of people. Secondly, company in Hong Kong still have little idea of Web Analytic and what they should do with it.

Since the technology is evolving quickly, many new data that can be collect. Especially in Hong Kong, Social Media still a hot topic and so do mobile application or mobile web site.  Most likely many of the company will skip what we define as Web Analytics 1.0 to the new era that Analytics not only on web site but to any digital medium.

This is why we think why it is not web analytics anymore. It make more sense that digital analytics is the new term for our industry that not only cover web but to any digital medium. With the growth of smartphone and internet TV, we are not bounded by a computer. More and more digital player can connect online and download YouTube video or getting digital information realtime.

More analytics vendors are trying to provide more value added service, such as integration of other data source as well as more focus on social media analytics plus mobile tracking. There already some player or startup are putting their eyes on those type of market.

So are we still doing Web Analytics? My personal view is no. We are more than looking at the data collect from the web site. So it is time for to change? Maybe, but in Hong Kong certainly need to fix the mind-set no matter from which part of the value chain. Maybe this is a good chance by changing the impression of Web Analytics is technical and companies don’t value the data being collect on a daily bases.

If you have any thought, please do let us know, as we all want to hear your view.

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