Hong Kong Facebook Landscape

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Seems everyone still very focus on the Facebook after one full year, from the movie, Social Media Week in Hong Kong, local companies and agencies. It is always being interesting to watch this space as not a lot of measurement can be done yet. Facebook still seems more measurable as they improve more and more with their insight and able to track more by develop your own apps. Everyone still looking for a standard to measure this space and hope it will be formalise by Web Analytics Association this year.

Let’s us look at what have been change in Facebook. If you remember the last post we look at back in 2010 (Bubble? Facebook trends in Hong Kong), now Hong Kong has grown to 3,700,320 users compare to 2,930,660 last year (again there might be more fake account being create). Online Penetration is up 3.85% to 75.85% and Facebook users is up 10.19% to 52.19% compare to April 2010. The age group distribution didn’t change compare to last year at all. (All the information is base on Socialbakers which use to be Facebakers last year)

One thing haven’t been looked at last year is the Fan Page. If you just base on the page information on Socialbakers that might not be most updated. Since Starbucks Hong Kong certainly not the Top Brand pages in Hong Kong as it only have 95,342 Facebook  Fans as off 1st March. Taking one example of a group buying site in Hong Kong – Bee Crazy, it already have 156,152. So if you want to find out more, you might need to look around a little bit more since there isn’t a lot of site that provide these sort of data at the moment.

Most people should also realise that Facebook Place did open up in Hong Kong a week after the Social Media Week that everyone asking why we cannot use Place. Although it have a strange translation for “Check-in” compare to other Location Base in the region but everyone is looking at how it will change the behavior for local Hong Kong users.

Finally, Facebook did open their office in Hong Kong during the Social Media Week in February, so we will keep our eyes on it. To conclude, Facebook is still growing in Hong Kong but don’t forget about the complexity in the region (especially China). Remember that you are not just monitoring it but also track it and measure it.

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  1. Cheryl Ho says:

    I agree that it is not fair to use the fan page number to judge on the popularity of a brand. It’s like everyone in Hong Kong knows starbucks but the fans number is far less than beecrazy, a group buying web. Also, another brand called Twangoo is also a well-known group buying website but the number is also less that much. Besides the virtual world, popularity depends on some other factors like preference and real promotion.

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