The Web Analyst’s Code of Ethics

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Recently, Web Analytics Association have publish the “Code of Ethic”. The purpose of the Code of Ethics represents an industry effort to treat consumer data with the respect and attention it deserves. It is a commitment to data stewardship and an effort to educate organizations and Internet users globally of digital data collection and utilization practices. [...]

9th Web Analytics Wednesday

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Welcome back everyone! Hope everyone already back to their full gear with their analytics. To kick start our first Web Analytics Wednesday in 2011, we will start with setting the business goal for the year. Since this is the most important step in the analytics process. Therefore, we will walk-though this process and define realistic goals. Please prepare a [...]

Web Analytics Trend for 2011

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Looking back at “Web Analytics – Ready for 2010 yet?” Mobile is still growing even faster, Social Media went over the roof and 2 big acquisitions was made by IBM. So what should we look out for in 2011? Being thinking about that over the holiday and this is what we should look out for [...]