Using Web Analytics for Cost Saving?

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Many company leverage data for Sales and Marketing, but not many of them looking at using these data for cost saving. There is a very fine line to interpute the data to decide it is whether that is a revenue or cost saving. While trying to look at the data from the cost saving perspectives, the most obvious area to look at is the self service service online.

Here are 5 areas you can look at.

1. Most Frequent Ask Questions

By looking at what your customer are try to look for in your support session and combining the call center data, basically it give you a fairly good indication what you need to improve. Either it is the content not effective or your customer could never find it on your site. Therefore, the area you can get hints from is your “Internal Search Terms” as well as top “Support Content”. If people are searching for a specific keywords, that’s could due to bad navigation of your site or the products that having many issues. On the other hand if there are many customer calling your call center asking simple questions and the pageview of that specific article have a high number of visits. Then you should really look at the content itself.

2. Most downloaded file.

By looking a what types of file being download online, it give indication of what sort of issues that your customer mostly encounter. Therefore, tracking number of download is very important. Also by analysis the download tracking, you can look at how to support your customer further. It can be as simple as user guide that help your customer to use a product. Again different industry should look at it differently.

3. Pathing Report

Studying user behavior is always interesting. If your user cannot get to the information they want, what they will normally do is to pick up the phone and call you to seek for help. Many companies are not paying attention to this because they focus on the sale and marketing. Look at how many percent of user going to support session and by improving the navigation or simply add a search box might already help the user to find the information they need. Another example is people who goto your products or offering page but end up heading to your support session, that indicates the only point to access it is through your product page. Be friendly to the users, provide them with easy access point.

4. Demographic

If the services or products are delivery to other countries, then this is very important to you. Most user will look for content in their own language, while many of the content or even your call center might not be able to support. If most visited user are from China, you don’t expect them to use Google Translate to convert your site as most of the time it is not correct. So do you want to hire Chinese speaking agent in your call center or just as simple as translating the information into Chinese? Well translating one word from English to Chinese might cost you $0.2 USD and taking one call can be $7.0 USD. Again deeper analysis and cost of operation will take it into account.

5. User type

Understanding the user type is quite important as they have different behavior. There are 3 types in general, new visitor, return vistor and login user. It is interesting to look at because you want to be more personalise your content to target the specific group. For new visitor normally they will search for information, return vistor might look for the same article for reference and login user might look at the products or services they own. Therefore, by understanding different user type the content or navigation should be tailor differently to optimise the customer experience.

Hope this help everyone to use the data differently and by reducing the operational cost will also increase your revenue. Therefore, at the end of the day, it will still bring you revenue benefits.

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