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Hong Kong is very behind in terms of the web analytic, not only the awareness, the knowledge and the usage. After observing the Hong Kong markets for 1 year, common mis-understanding people have about Web Analytics is either think it is Search Engine Optimisation or simply install Google Analytics.

Certainly there are some local Web Analytics Professionals in Hong Kong who know more but this is just not enough. While Avinash Kaushik was in Hong Kong last week talking about how easy to install Google Analytics and the beauty of analyse the data but what you found is that most people in the conference are mostly marketers. On the other hand in China, the market has the same issues that companies are coming from a marketing perspective and driving data analysis. Another major factor why the market in Hong Kong is so limited is that people only know Google Analytics and many of them are also limited in their knowledge as well.

So what can we do to improve the market? Here are some of the thoughts.

1. Education
Provide more channels to educate local talents as well as business owners. There are many professionals from oversea but currently the market is lacking of people who understand the Chinese Culture and Market. Also, there are lack of talents who have both technical and business skills. In addition, the market needs more education on how to implement and analyse data from different perspective.

2. Awareness
There are many people who know about Google Analytics but they also need to know there are more tools in the market. Therefore, vendor should spend more time to promote the brand and help to drive the value of Web Analytics. Not only talk to the Sale & Marketing owner, even it is the easiest way to sell Web Analytics solution but also show other value to the business owner. On the other hand providing education support in order to support their customers.

3. Value
If all the big corporate like IBM & Adobe are acquiring analytic software, there is an indication that they see the value of data analysis. Although data will not tell you what to do but by analysis it, the data will provide scientific facts for business owners to make the right decisions on how they should change their online and offline strategy. Linking both online and offline data will provide many different opportunities in driving revenue but also cost saving.

If you have any comments or thoughts, we are happy to hear more from you. Hong Kong Web Analytics are certainly trying to help to grow the local and region market together.

5 Responses to "Web Analytics Market in Hong Kong"
  1. Mark Shu says:

    You’re right of the under education of Analytics in HK, and you also have to admit that GA is a very powerful tool and of course Coremetrics and Omiture is another level. However how many companies able to afford Coremetrics or Omiture?

    I guess starting from the basic, web devs or web master should learn the basics, what is a click rate, what is conversion rate, bounce rate etc. and start digging from there.

    Feel free to host some sections and share your knowledge and it would definitely be a great help on the market

  2. admin says:

    Mark, Thanks for your comment and nice to meet you at BarCamp over the weekend.

    Certainly GA is a very powerful tool, don’t forget there is Yahoo! Web Analytics as well in term of tools. Just people are not aware of it. There are 2 companies in Hong Kong offer that. One of them is Beehive Strategy.

    Company do not have to go as far as Coremetrics or Omniture. There are many other options as a stepping stone in the market as well. For example, Clicky, Going Up!, Kissmetric and many more.

    Well Web Analytics Wednesday is the platform to do so and we are very active in promoting Web Analytics to the Market.

    If you see anything we can do better do let me know. We are trying to education people from different angle. Hope you can promote to people who is interested to grow this community stronger.

  3. Mark Shu says:

    Dear admin,

    True say on your comment, in order to grow or educate the local talent, first thing to do is to educate the local market web analytics is not only about reporting, instead it’s about analysis and optimize. Most of the (local) companies are aware of the report part, however when it comes to the optimize part, no one cares about it. Better to word it as no one have the time / budget / effort to actually dig into the reports and analyze it then optimize their site. Agree?

    Guess Web Analytics Wednesday can bring in the industry knowledge to the local community but it can also educate the local community how to analyze the report and focus more on the optimize part.

    Hope it helps!

  4. admin says:

    Mark, totally agree with your point. This is the purpose of having Web Analytics Wednesday for sure. We will continue to educate the local market and will work with vendor more to improve this.

    The market need to understand the Value and per my sharing at BarCamp, people need to realise it is not something being done once off but it is a continuous effort.

    Thanks for your support and looking forward to you sharing and thought. We do need to have more interaction no matter in which channel.

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