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What a day at Search Engine Strategies Hong Kong! Most of the people who are in the web analytics professional would know one of the world expert in Avinash Kaushik! If you are not aware of the SES Hong Kong Conference, you certainly missing out meeting him in person. Although, we cannot take any video of his presentation but guess what, here is the recap some of the highlights from Avinash’s keynote.

SES Hong KongAvinash at SES Hong Kong

In addition, Avinash was so kind and agree to say a few words to our Web Analytics Communities in Hong Kong! If anyone who came to our previous event, he also sponsor us with one of his publication “Web Analytics 2.0”.

Avinash & Bounce RateAvinash & Search Pattern

Not going to hold everyone back anymore so here is the major highlight! Avinash took a very simple and easy approach to explain how people can install Web Analytics to track their web site. Not only touch base on GA but also talk about Yahoo! Web Analytics. In Hong Kong there only 2 company have the certification for Yahoo! and most people do have Google Analytics or paid services.

Avinash & Keywords TagAvinash Kaushik

Although it is easy to collect data but it always come to execution at the end of the day. Avinash also talks about the beauty of longtail keywords and it is time now to not ignore it! Everyone was impress on how he look at data and here is one of his post “@avinash: End of Dumb Tables in Web Analytics Tools! Hello: Weighted Sort http://awe.sm/5A7qS“.

Avinash Kaushik & Benjamin WongAvinash Kaushik & Kenneth Kwok

One of the topic come into keywords tagging which not many people in room know about it. Avinash point out how marketer should learn how to tag links and this is how it will win big for everyone. If you want to know what works and what not, do some A/B testing or multi-variant testing!

5 Major point for everyone to remember.

1. Bounce Rate “I came, I puked, I left”
2. Economic value is God!
3. Have multiple goals and identify macro and micro conversions!
4. HIPPO: Highest Paid Person’s opinion
5. It’s not about: search engines, data, or you. It’s about THEM.

Here is what Avinash want to say to everyone who is in the Web Analytics Professions in Hong Kong.


For anyone who attend SES Hong Kong, we also have Web Analytics Wednesday in Hong Kong! Don’t worry if you are lost! We are here to help you all! Look out for our monthly event!

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