Analytics War? What about WebTrends?

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In one of my post towards the end of last year “Web Analytics – Ready for 2010 yet?” I mention about the Analytic War. After Adobe acquire Omniture back in October last year valued at approximately $1.8 billion, IBM also took their move today by acquiring Coremetrics but term of the deal were not disclose.

Certainly this is not surprise to most of us. So finally IBM making their move. IBM have been using Coremetics for a while but also Omniture in some cases (which I have no clues why they use it. Maybe they want to test their service before acquiring it?) Never the less, Omniture is now Adobe, Coremetrics is now IBM, how about WebTrends?

By looking at the end to end offering here we can see the following:

  • Adobe is focusing on the digital production space who is still new to service offering and consulting. Not sure once they integrated how it will change a product company
  • IBM able to leverage it with their IBM Interactive, Web Production (Business Process Outsourcing) and Business Consulting, then this will become a complete web business model not only help client on marketing but also their web strategy.

So WebTrends is the only big player left apart from Yahoo! Web Analytics and Google Analytics. It will not be surprise that in the coming future that Microsoft, Oracle or SAS will make their move. As most of these player need to strengthen their capabilities and offering to be able to be competitive in the market. Therefore, is WebTrends the only player left in the market that can be acquire? So what will be the future of WebTrends? Will be interesting to watch.

As for Hong Kong, WebTrends do have a strong base as they use to not offer on demand solutions which most of the banks like the most as they require to store the data in house.  They also in the market for a long time so most people will know WebTrends then other pay offering.

Let’s us keep our eye open, this will be a long battle and don’t forget there are many other smaller player like Clicky, GoingUp! and etc in the market.

Last and not least, there are also local brew solutions in China too. Don’t you love them? Hope we can see the when East meet West in this War!

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