Bubble? Facebook trend in Hong Kong

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Most of you aware back in a month time, Facebook have reached an important milestone by surpassed Google in the US. It has changed a lot of internet user behavior in the past years, not only using it as social networking but also becoming a part of everyday life for a lot of individuals.

Facebook Reaches Top Ranking in US

Looking at the past 3 months trend in Hong Kong, now there are 2,930,660 Facebook users (52% Female & 48% Male). While Hong Kong online penetration more than 72% (base on Ogilvy One) and with 42% penetration for Facebook. User age group from 25-34 dominate 34%, following by 18-24 with 29% and 35-44 at 14%.

User Growth - Facebook Hong Kong

Compare traditional SEM channel now Facebook becoming another channel for e-marketing. With average CPC in Hong Kong at $0.16 and CPM $0.07, this can become one of the most effective channel before everyone flooding into it.

If you have been using Facebook long enough, you will realize having a Facebook page is not too different of having a blog. Meaning you still need to maintain the page and interact with your users/customers.

The question quickly come to our mine is how to ensure we measure it properly? In order to leverage this channel and maximise the full opportunities, Web Analytics come into another major part of the game.  With the right strategy and measure, this will not be bubble anymore.

Sony Style Hong Kong

Here are the top 5 things you need to think about.

1 – Which feature to leverage?

Facebook Page & Tabs
This is the most common setup for a lot of company to get their exposure on Facebook. It have standard features like the normal Facebook pages. There isn’t add additional tracking on the page but can always post link with tracking parameter to link back to the main site for tracking.

Facebook Applications
Facebook allow developer to develop applications on Facebook and can be code by using PHP, JavaScript, Ruby or Python. In additional, Facebook provides Client Libraries for their API. Since the application is host outside of Facebook, therefore adding tracking code inside the Facebook Application is possible and many Web Analytics Tool do provide solution to it.

Facebook Advertisements
Facebook AdvertisementIf you have a page or external site, you can place a Facebook Ads on the right hand side of the site. It gives you the ability to target specific age group as well as demographic. Therefore, it can target the right group of people instead of wasting money. One point to be aware is that more and more people are using this channel to advertise, so ensure you study the data before taking any actions.

Facebook Share
There isn’t any different to other social media sharing. It is a very simple way for your users to share information on your site and publish it onto their Facebook. Since Facebook provide many options officially so just follow the instruction on this page. One additional point to add here is that you should also add in your own tracking, even though there is a counter option being provide. This way will ensure it capture how many users share the information and how many influence users have click on the shared link.

Facebook Connect
This is a very interesting feature to have your own community just related to your site. Since the users can use their Facebook identity to connection and login to share information outside of Faceboook. If you want to try the function, check out the toolbar at the bottom of this blog and you will see how it works. You can always check out this page and one additional note is that Facebook Connect also support both iPhone and other Mobile Web implementation. Therefore, it is great to integrate your site with this simple integration.

2 – Basic vs Hardcore?

As Facebook is growing very fast, many analytic tools start offering different type of the solutions. Before any implementation, make sure you understand what information you are looking for. If it is something basic, you can use Facebook Insight to provide simple analytic data instead of spending the effort and time on implement something complicate.

Facebook Page InsightGenerally, it provide the interaction on the page as well as all fans overtime. This provide a lot of information about the users who are the fan of your page. One of the goal can be number of fans added vs remove.

Another feature is that you can always export the data and upload back to your own analytic solution. Since most of the information is about the wall tab. Therefore it is very valuable to integrate to your overall analytic data. If you need something more than what Facebook can provide than it require additional implementation to your existing analytic solution.

Please take note that Facebook Insight have a huge delay with the data so ensure you check when is the data being Last Updated.

3 – Which solution or vendor?

Since there are many solutions out in the market, therefore it is hard to find the right solution for the business. On the other hand a lot of company already implemented web analytic solution, so here is a chart by John Lovett for reference. John also point out the advantages for each solution in his blog especially if you don’t have any web analytic solution at the moment, this is certainly a good article to read.

Facebook Analytics Vendor

One solution that is not on the chart is Google Analytics but I found that some of the features is able to achieve in a very creative way. Please let me know if you are interest in Google Analytics Solution, more than happy to write another post focus on that.

4 – What is your business goal?

After all the discussion about the Facebook functions as well as different solution to track the interaction, the business goal is not least to forget. Before you start any Facebook strategy, make sure you know why you want to build a Facebook page. Please aware that Facebook is good for Customer Communication, Brand Exposure, but not as great to drive traffic to your site as well as little value to your SEO.

Again a clear business goal as well as setting right metric is the key to any success. By just using Facebook Insight, it can provide enough information on the Facebook Page itself. This include your brand popularity, customers feedback, post/content effectiveness and etc. Since it does require any implementation or development, so Facebook Insight will give you a very quick start.

5 – Resources

The reasons that resources is part of the consideration is because Facebook is a fast interaction channel. Users can post any information anytime of the date and in any format. Without any resource monitoring the Wall, respond or interact with users and not posting any news/informative content. You will expect the Fan page to be a failure.

Remember, having the right resources to manage the Fan page/Discussion Board and analysis the data base on the business goal, Facebook can be one of the fastest channel for your brand to pentrate the market and can easily turn it into a powerful Public Relation and Customer Service channel for your business.

Without any maintenance, not only will damage your brand but it also create bad influence/impact to other potential customer.

Hope this help and hope the marketing can leverage Web Analaytics to measure their success and not just following the trend by having a Facebook Page without any purpose.

Looking forward to everyone’s feedback and welcome to share your thoughts on it.

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