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As social media became one of the most important channel for many companies, the question started by what platform should be use and leverage? Should it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkIn or everything available? In Hong Kong, there are many big shopping malls like Langham & HarbourCity, international brand such as Sony, Samsung have their own local Facebook pages.

Interesting enough, “Finance Magazine” – one of the financial programs shown on TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited) also brought out this topic “Become my fan”. If you are interested, understand Cantonese and you are in Hong Kong, feel free to check it out online here.

What interested me the most is not the topic itself since it is not something new by using social media as a marketing channel and etc, but when David Ko start talking about monitoring the social media space this is where it got my attention. As many companies might have a Fans Page on Facebook and an account on Twitter, but how to use it properly and able to respond back to your clients is the most important. If you have read “THE CMO’S GUIDE TO THE SOCIAL LANDSCAPE”, it also point out both Facebook and Twitter are good for “Customer Communication” & “Brand Exposure”.

Although, there are many tools online sort of providing some sort of monitoring and analytic capabilities, it got my interest by the tool developed by Waggener Edstrom. Therefore, I decided to get in contact with David to see if they can demo the product and provide more information about “twendz pro”. Thanks for David’s help and introduced Taura Edgar – Digital Strategies Lead from his team to show me how twendz pro help their customers to monitor their social media is doing.

Twendz Pro

With a detail reporting system, not only you can see the overall impact of your tweet but also providing information on positive and negative user’s comment that could potentially influence other people online.  In additional, with the ability to show the relevancy post/comment to the brand and the influence rating for each comment, this allow the person who is monitoring able to react faster to their customers.

If you would like to find out more, here is a demo online that you can play around with it.

If you are interest in Twendz Pro, you can contact David Ko or Taura Edgar from Waggener Edstrom Hong Kong for more information.

Overall, I am very impress with Twendz Po and this is what companies need to think about when they start their social media strategy. Without proper planning, it can easily lead to damage for the brand instead of promoting it. The next step is how to link all these data back into our day to day analytic to create a bigger impact. Thanks Taura for taking the time to show me such a great tool.

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  1. Taura Edgar says:

    Thanks Kenneth for taking the time to talk to us about twendz pro! We’re a big fan of reporting over here and fully support your efforts to get the market more engaged with all the great tools available and really look at the impact of their work online.

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