New way to look at “Bounce Rate” #1

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Recently there are a lot of discussions relate to “Bounce Rate”. Well to be honest, there isn’t  just one answer/definition to it and you can find so many definitions online! Most business defines this as one of the top KPI/Metric but really, what you should be looking at and what that mean?

Base on Google Analytic
Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page visits (i.e. visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page). Bounce Rate is a measure of visit quality and a high Bounce Rate generally indicates that site entrance (landing) pages aren’t relevant to your visitors. You can minimize Bounce Rates by tailoring landing pages to each keyword and ad that you run. Landing pages should provide the information and services that were promised in the ad copy.

Basically Bounce Rate is a Calculated Metric:
– Single Access/Entries [Omniture]
– Single Page Visits / Entry Pages [Web Analytics Association]

Well I more agree with Avinash Kaushik’s explanation a little bit more.

  • The percentage of website visitors who see just one page on your site.
  • The percentage of website visitors who stay on the site for a small amount of time (usually five seconds or less).

So does that mean this can apply to any web site and answer all the questions? Well not really and again it depends what you want to achieve. By just using the above certainly can solve most questions but not all.

Let me explain my philosophy on Bounce Rate. I have no doubt that I will look at Bounce Rate myself on any web analysis, but I will ask 2 simple questions (maybe more) before I decide how to answer the business question.

  • Who are you presenting the data to?
    Web Designer, Web Developer, Web Strategist, Web Content Writer,  Web Marketing Director and etc…
  • What is the nature of is site?
    Enterprise, Commerce, Information, Blog and etc…

So once you know who you are talking to, you can start translating Bounce Rate and start drilling down into more details and dig into the root cause (more KPI/Metric).

I will explain a bit more on how to use Bounce Rate and how to translate it into different dimensions/segments in the next post.

So stay tune…

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