New way to look at “Bounce Rate” #1

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Recently there are a lot of discussions relate to “Bounce Rate”. Well to be honest, there isn’t  just one answer/definition to it and you can find so many definitions online! Most business defines this as one of the top KPI/Metric but really, what you should be looking at and what that mean? Base on Google […]

New Home

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After 2 weeks hosting the blog via, finally decided to host it somewhere else. Well, the main reason was due to the Great Firewall in China that block Finally, now we have a new hosting environment and with new look and feel. Hope this can settle down a little bit so I can […]

About Me – Kenneth Kwok

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The Reasons… After I came back to Hong Kong (after my long adventure in China), I have been in touch with many companies and found that many of them are using or implementing web analytics but not to the depth that I expected. Therefore, this encourages me to start this blog and Hong Kong Web […]

Welcome to Hong Kong Web Analytics

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Welcome to the new blog for people who are interest in Web Analytics in Hong Kong. The main goal of this blog is to start sharing thoughts and being a forum for different web professional to exchange idea in this new digital era. No matter how you relate to web personally or commercially, web data […]