• WAW 39: Mobile Game with Data Analytics

    Our WAW 39 was held on June 24th with topic of “Mobile Game with Data Analytics”. This time, our guest speaker, Andrew Wong from 6waves, shared a case study about growing a top grossing mobile game in Hong Kong with deep usage of data analytic.   We will continuously organize WAW with different interesting topics and share with you. Next month, we will have another […]

  • WAW 38: Content Marketing Measurement

    Another Web Analytics Wednesday is over! Glad to see so many friends here, hope you all enjoy this night! Thank you for your support! This time, we talked about one other hot topic — Content Marketing Measurement. Kenneth Kwok, Managing Director from Beehive Strategy, shared the real data of his blog to show how to […]

  • WAW 37: Google Analytics Update 2015

    After a happy Chinese New Year, Web Analytics Wednesday #37 is coming! This month we update everyone on all the latest updates with Google Analytics in 2015. And this time, it is our great honour to have Raymond Chau – Digital Analytics Manager from MRM to be our guest speaker. Raymond is a very experienced trainer in Google Analytics. […]

  • WAW 36: New Data Structure Model

    First HKWAW event in 2015 has come! Thanks for all your supports and participations! Hope you guys enjoyed last night! As Data Analytics is rapidly growing in the past few years and there are many tools that serve different purpose. One major problem many business face is the integration of data and how to leverage […]

  • WAW 35: Remarketing with Analytics

    Another wonderful Web Analytics Wednesday night! We are so glad to meet new friends and discuss with you guys! Thank you for coming and supporting us! Hope you all enjoy this topic — Remarketing with Analytics! We will continuously organize WAW with different interesting topics and share with you. If you are interested in it, do follow […]

  • Tips to Use Social Signals for SEO

    These years saw a huge rise in social sharing and its effects on search. Google, in particular, began to incorporate a huge number of social signals into its search results. However, for many marketers, it’s not always clear how social media impacts search engine optimization. In this article, we will share several tips to help you […]


    The 34th WAW event has been held successfully and thank you for the supporting. Have a really great discussion with the coming guests. Hope all participants enjoyed the event! We will continuously organise WAW with different interesting topics and share with you. The next topic will be remarketing with adwords and analytics. If you are interested in […]

  • 34th Web Analytic Wednesday

    This has been a long time since the last Web Analytic Wednesday(WAW). We’re happy to announce that WAW is back on this October !The topic is related to Google Tag Manager. Simple introduction of Google Tag Manager (GTM) Google Tag Manager is free and easy, leaving more time and money to spend on your marketing […]

  • 3 questions your analysis should answer

    As a digital online marketer or data analyst, you may need to prepare reports for different purposes: traffic performance, marketing campaign evaluation, A/B testing and countless reasons. There is an important concept in data analysis you always need to keep in mind: Do your analysis brings business value higher than the cost involved? As a […]

  • Measure Site Engagement – Micro Conversions You can Track

    There are some sites that having just 1 – 2 macro conversions, such as e-commerce, lead enquiry form, advertisement click through and etc. Therefore, having a good micro conversion tracking is essential in understanding how the visitors engage with the site. You can have an clear explanation on Google Analytic Help Center,  with 4 micro […]